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Farm animal Print Hooks


Our plaques have been made from hard wood, which have been engraved with farm animal prints and names. They are an informative yet fun accessory to any room; perfect for refering to whilst looking for animals in and around the garden or farm, a great storage solution that can be used to make rubbings or just add another element to themed rooms

Looking for a personalised board - please contact us to discuss your requirements

Our plaques measure approximately  35cm x 20cm

Each plauque comes complete with 3 brass effect hooks which are approximately 3cm tall and 2cm deep
To the rear of the plaque is 2 further hooks, making attaching them to the wall easy and effective

*Please note that due to the nature of the wood used in our plaques the grain and colouring may vary to that of the photograph but we make every attempt to ensure it is as even as possible *